Assisted Hatching reatment in Kolkata

After the egg is fertilized in the laboratory during an IVF cycle, its cells begin to divide. The embryo is encased in a layer of proteins known as the zona pellicuda during these early stages of development. A successful pregnancy occurs when this embryo is attached to the uterine lining after it is transferred to the uterus. For this to happen embryo must hatch out of the zona pellucida.

Assisted hatching treatment in Kolkata is a newer lab technique that was developed when fertility experts observed that embryos with a thin zona pellucida had a higher rate of implantation during IVF. With assisted hatching, an embryologist uses micromanipulation under a microscope to create a small hole in the zona pellucida. This should ideally be done on day 6 of embryo development at a blastocyst stage.

A holding pipette stabilizes the embryos, while a small pipette carrying an acidified solution generates a small defect in the zona pellucid. After being rinsed to eliminate any excess acid solution, the embryos are returned to the incubator for a few hours before being transferred into the uterus. Alternatively, a laser can be used to assist with hatching.

Who Should Use IVF with Assisted Hatching?

Assisted hatching is regarded to be beneficial for couples who have a bad prognosis and whose embryos do not have the energy to finish the hatching process. The cost of assisted hatching in Kolkata is affordable.

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, assisted hatching may be appropriate for women who have one or more of the following conditions:


Maternal age has advanced (older than 38)
Three or more failed IVF cycles
Quality of embryos is poor
To enhance the result of embryo Implantation we use it in any cycle.

Assisted Hatching In Kolkata

Will Assisted Hatching Improve the Success Rate of IVF?

Assisted hatching has been proven to improve IVF success in patients with a poor prognosis and those who have failed three or more failed IVF cycles.

Because assisted hatching is a challenging process that relies on the embryologist’s skill and technique, it’s crucial to inquire about your fertility clinic’s success rate with the operation. Assisted hatching in Kolkata is performed by the most experienced doctors with 25 years of experience.

If a biopsy for preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is planned, assisted hatching of embryos on the third day following fertilization can make it easier. Around the fifth day following fertilization(blastocyst stage), a biopsy is performed on a small piece of tissue from the embryo’s outer cells (trophectoderm). In a hatching embryo, it is easier to see and remove the trophectoderm.

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