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For many couples suffering from infertility, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the most effective methods of treatment. Most of the time we use the IVF method for tubal infertility. In many couples, both the male and female reproductive system is at fault so IVF treatment fails or we cannot dare for the IVF method here we use the treatment of ICSI. This assisted reproductive technology (ART) involves combining sperm and eggs in a laboratory to create an embryo. In IVF treatment sperm must penetrate the oocyte to fertilize it on its own. In many cases, sperms fail to do so. As a result IVF cycle fails. Here ICSI comes to the aid. Such infertile couples should visit the Universal Srishti fertility center for ICSI Treatment in Kolkata. We will explain to you in detail what exactly will happen in the ICSI method

What is ICSI?

During IVF treatment, sperm and egg are placed in a petri dish in the laboratory with the aim of making an embryo. In ICSI, a single sperm is injected into the egg. We do Assisted Hatching, we penetrate the Olekma (outer layer of the egg) and inject the spermatozoa into the cytoplasm of the egg. This is the reason the procedure is called Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. This will increase the possibilities of fertilization due to the fact that the sperm no longer have to penetrate the oocyte and sperm will not lose its energy to penetrate. Hence the chances of successful fertilization increase manifolds. Apart from this, all procedures are the same as IVF. ICSI Treatment cost in Kasba, Kolkata is also affordable and gives you the best results.

Who needs ICSI?

1 For severe male factor infertility

ICSI is typically advised in instances of severe male infertility. This means when the sperm count is severely low or that the male partner’s sperm has a tough time penetrating the wall of the egg. This problem can occur because of low motility or motion or due to an abnormal sperm shape(altered morphology).In those instances, ICSI can increase the probabilities of fertilization.
In rare cases, no sperm is present in the ejaculation. In those conditions, sperm could be extracted via a surgical procedure called a testicular biopsy or testicular sperm aspiration(TESA).ICSI is hope for such patients to have their biological child

2. Unexplained infertility

If a couple’s first try at IVF has been unsuccessful, fertility professionals may also propose attempting ICSI. Even if there may be no known reasons for infertility, ICSI can increase the probabilities of IVF success.

3. Using frozen eggs

Using ICSI can be recommended when the couple uses their frozen eggs. In those instances, fertilization is usually difficult. Choosing to apply ICSI can mitigate the threat of the egg not being fertilized.

4. Diminished ovarian reserve

This circumstance refers to women’s low reproductive potential or the low number of quality eggs. Typically, this takes place around menopause. In a few women, this could take place prematurely in their 30s or previous to menopause. In those instances, ICSI is highly recommended.

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Couples considering fertility treatment must visit a fertility expert concerning the pros and cons of IVF and ICSI. Whether it could bring success to you or not. The same treatment isn’t always vital for all couples. However, for a few, the use of ICSI could make a massive distinction in growing successful pregnancy.

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