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Sometimes couples or patients who want to have a child are unable to carry the pregnancy to term. In this case, a third-party woman (Surrogate) carries the pregnancy with the intention of handing the child over to the couple after delivery. Surrogate carries the baby for the couple in her womb but she is not related biologically to the child. In every case, the child is biologically related to at least one of the intended parents. Patients who want to take a fertility treatment can approach Surrogacy Centre in Kolkata.
In simple words surrogacy is a process in which a woman carries a baby for another couple. All the procedures are similar to IVF the only difference is that the embryo is not transferred to the intended mother’s womb but is transferred to the surrogate mother’s uterus. She carries the pregnancy for 9 months and after delivery gives the baby to intended parents.


The significant increase in the use of surrogacy in recent years can be explained by advances in medicine, which allow more and more people to live with serious illnesses, cancers, and medical conditions for which pregnancy is too risky. Another reason is that lifestyle changes and infertility issues make it impossible for couples to conceive naturally. The following are some of the most common reasons people employ a surrogate:

woman having no uterus or womb (either born that way or having had it surgical removed)
Significantly improperly shaped uterus/or uterine abnormalities (such as severe Asher man’s syndrome, in which the womb cavity is obliterated due to adhesions or scarring)
Couples of the same sex (male)
Recurrent implantation failure (failure to conceive 4 times naturally or after at least four attempts of IVF cycle).
Recurrent miscarriages
Premature deliveries or stillbirths.
Genetic abnormalities
Severe cases of endometriosis(Frozen pelvis)

How surrogacy works

Surrogacy is a process that required medical as well as legal expertise.
The following is a general outline of the surrogacy process:
Visit the clinic and discuss with your fertility specialist about your medical condition and get a brief about the entire process
Finding a Surrogate.
Here you can choose a surrogate from your family member or relative. The other way is you can approach some agency or we could help you in finding one.
Medical evaluations of intended parents and surrogates.
Intended parent’s gametes are used or donor gametes can be used based on the individual medical requirement.
Embryo transfer
Pregnancy confirmation
The day of delivery and beyond
We have a team of legal advisors who will help you with your legal works.

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The legal aspects of surrogacy vary from country to country and must be thoroughly understood by both the intended parents and the surrogate. Despite all precautions, legal agreements, and consents, the agreement between the commissioning couple and the surrogate can fall apart. Before the initiation of therapy, all parties must acquire expert legal guidance. This is especially crucial if the intended parents are traveling to another nation for treatment, as the rules and regulations in that country are likely to differ from those in their home country.
Surrogacy treatment, despite its medical and legal complexity, permits a well-selected group of patients to realize their desire for parenthood and should be encouraged.
Detailed terms and conditions of surrogacy, you can discuss with your doctors when you visit the Surrogacy center in Kolkata

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