Hysteroscopy Treatment in Kolkata

A hysteroscopy may be recommended if you have heavy menstrual cycles and significant cramping, or if your doctor needs to learn more about your reproductive health. The treatment allows them to get a close look at your cervix and uterus, which can help them figure out what’s wrong.

How hysteroscopy is done

Your doctor will place a hysteroscope — a narrow tube with a light on the end — into your vagina during a hysteroscopy. It is done under short GA usually. They will pass it into the uterine cavity through the cervix (the door of the uterus). Normal saline is pushed into the cervix to expand the uterus. So that all the structures inside the uterine cavity will be visualized properly. They can take a sample for later examination if they notice anything unusual.

When it is done

Periods that are longer or heavier than typical, as well as bleeding between periods, are among the most prevalent reasons for a hysteroscopy. The other reasons include

Analyze the uterine cavity
Look for blood supply
any other abnormality

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